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Our historic Ogunquit hotel brims with 19th century charm with its exposed beams and rustic wood accents. Built during the early 1800s, Abalonia Inn has delivered Ogunquit's friendly brand of hospitality for more than 200 years. 

A Storied History

Once owned by Barak Maxwell, one of Ogunquit’s wealthiest Civil War-era shipbuilders and traders, the Abalonia is among the most historic Ogunquit, Maine, hotels and features many relics from its earliest days.  During your stay, you’ll witness many period antiques, oil paintings, and architectural features that have graced the hotel since its earliest days. As the village evolved from fishing cove to artist colony, so too has the Abalonia, blending history and artistic charm to create a captivating hotel experience. 


Maintaining the Abalonia has been a labor of love for the proprietors. During recent renovations, the previous owners uncovered two hidden staircases and performed painstaking work to reveal the building's wood beams and other period architectural elements. Guests of this celebrated Ogunquit hotel can luxuriate in Abalonia’s updated comforts while continuing to enjoy its splendid historic character.

Our Proprietors

The proprietors of the Abalonia Inn look forward to meeting you! Having recently completed renovations to further reveal the inn’s historic character, the owners are always enthusiastic to share tales of Abalonia Inn’s storied past. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our visitors’ most frequently asked questions. Be sure to contact Abalonia Inn’s staff if you require more information about the inn, its rooms, or things to do in and around Ogunquit during your stay. 

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